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Statesville Police Department

330 S Tradd St, Statesville NC 28677
Non-Emergency Police Phone 704-878-3406

Thank you for your interest in the Statesville Police Department.  We currently employee 85 sworn officers and 25 civilians.  Below you will find the minimum requirements for police officer applicants/police recruits, employee benefits, and salary information.  All openings in the SPD are filled by applying online through the City of Statesville's employment website. 

If you have any questions about available positions or the application process, please contact Sgt. Garrett Deal at 704-878-3522 or via email.


All police officer applicants must be of good moral character as determined by a thorough background investigation and meet all minimum standards for law enforcement employment as established by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission and the City of Statesville, to include the following:

  • United States Citizenship: Applicants must be natural born or naturalized citizens of the United States.
  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be at least 20 years of age at the time of initial application.
  • Physical Requirements: Applicants must be able to perform all job-related physical activity requirements as specified in the job description. Candidates must not possess any medical or physical defects that would prevent them from engaging in basic law enforcement training or performing the essential job functions of a law enforcement officer.
  • Driver’s License: Applicants must possess a valid North Carolina operator’s license or be able to obtain a valid North Carolina operator’s license, prior to an offer of probationary employment.
  • Education: Applicants must be a high school graduate or have passed the General Equivalency Development (GED) Test indicating high school equivalency. A high school correspondence diploma is not accepted by the state of North Carolina, you must complete the high school equivalency.
  • Military Service: Applicants must have an Honorable Military Discharge; General and Uncharacterized Discharges are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Criminal Record: Applicants must pass an extensive background investigation including psychological examination, pre-employment medical examination with drug screening, and complete a Computer Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA) examination.

Applicants shall not have committed or been convicted of a felony or a Class B Misdemeanor. A Class B Misdemeanor is defined as an act committed or omitted in violation of any common law, criminal statute, or criminal traffic code of this state as set forth in the Class B manual as published by the NC Department of Justice 12 NCAC 09A 0103(22)(b).


  • Paid Life Insurance (Employee Only)
  • Paid Medical (Employee Only)
  • Retirement Plan (State System)
  • N.C. Law Enforcement Retirement
  • 401K Plan (City contributes 5% to sworn offices salary)
  • 11 paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacations
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Military Leave
  • Uniforms and Equipment Provided
  • Career Development Incentive Pay
  • Additional 3% for accepted Advanced Education (Assoc., Bach., Master’s) Degrees
  • Specialized Training Incentives of 2% each, max 6%
  • Shift Premiums (additional $1 for mid-shift, additional $2 for night shift)
  • Take home vehicle once successful completion of Field Training; must live within 30 miles of City limits.

The City of Statesville is an equal opportunity employer and will select employees based on applicant qualification without regard to age, sex, race, creed, religion, political affiliation, national origin, or disability except where performance of an essential job function cannot be met with a reasonable accommodation.


POLICE OFFICER PAY RANGE: $44,466.24 - $73,360.56

  • Additional 5% after successfully completing 6-month probation period
  • Bilingual Incentive Pay 5% increase

The Statesville Police Department is a growing agency and is always interested in hiring experienced officers. Certified N.C. officers and out-of-state transfers will be evaluated on their training and experience to determine starting salaries and additional training, if needed. Applications are accepted on an as need basis. Selection for police employment is a lengthy process that may take up to six (6) weeks or longer to complete.

Contact Sgt. Garrett Deal with any questions about available positions or the application process.
Email Sgt. Deal