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Let's Talk About Recreation
Posted on 07/03/2020
MLK Park SwingsHey Statesville. We need to talk! We need to talk about parks … and recreation programs … and facilities … and greenways. We’re still working on a new Comprehensive Recreation and Parks Master Plan for Statesville - we call it “Route 2 Recreation” or “R2” - and it desperately needs your input.

We want to get together with you … outside … wearing masks and social distancing …and tell you about this project. But mainly, we want to hear your thoughts and dreams about our Recreation and Parks Department.

What you share with us during these “Community Conversations” will help guide us to effectively prioritize, fund, develop, and manage parks, recreation facilities, open space, trails, and recreation programs for years to come.

So, check out the schedule and bring a chair to one of these locations and let’s talk!!


Tuesday, July 7: Martin Luther King Jr. Park (East Shelters) – 10am
Wednesday, July 8: South Statesville Park (Shelter) – 10am
Wednesday, July 8: Bentley Community Center Splash Pad (Shelter) – 6pm
Thursday, July 9: Caldwell Park (Shelter) – 2pm
Friday, July 10: Garfield Park (Shelter) – 10am
Tuesday, July 14: Harris Park (bring a chair) – 10am
Tuesday, July 14: Bristol Road Center (bring a chair) 2pm
Wednesday, July 15: Mac Anderson Park (bring a chair) 2pm
Wednesday, July 15: Pecan Park – 6pm

If you have questions about the location of any of these parks and facilities, please give us a call at 704-878-3429.