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Power Restoration Update
Posted on 11/01/2020
outage update
Except for a few customers requiring the work of an electrician before power can be restored, Statesville Electric Utility customers are all back on. With the assistance of crews from neighoboring public power communities, more than 6,000 customers had their power restored in about 48 hours. Here's what you need to know:
Statesville is a Tree City! - A designation that increases our chances for beautiful fall colors, gorgeous tree-lined streets, AND down lines due to limbs!
The City has a crew that works year-round to help cut back limbs from the power lines, but when we experience wind gusts of 30 mph, there will be damage and outages.
Because Statesville is a Public Power community, our Electric crews are on the job as quickly as possible. Returning power to hospitals and medical facilities are the main priority, along with repairing major circuits that can get the most people back on.
We know it's no fun being in the dark, so here's how you can help us:
. Report the outage right away to 704-878-3479. Give your address and a call-back number. When you receive a call back asking if your power is restored, please respond by pressing the correct number. This lets us keep up with the restoration work.
2. The City cannot forward calls from customers of other utilities. Here are their numbers to call:
EnergyUnited: 1-800-386-4833
Duke Energy: 1-800-769-3766
3. If you need power because of special health needs, please make back-up plans now for what to do if the power goes out. No power provider can guarantee uninterruptible power or when power will be restored. Because special health needs customers are widely distributed across the City, it’s impossible for us to work on specific customer outages without greatly slowing down the restoration work.
4. Be sure to have back-up plans for emergencies. Batteries, non-perishable foods, blankets .... Check out this list.
5. During an outage, the City communicates with its customers via social media, the city website and local media. We are not able to answer calls about when the power will be restored. Follow the City on Facebook and Twitter for the most up-to-date information.
6. Check on your elderly neighbors, friends and family members. See what they need!