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Stormwater Plan Submittal Requirements

Stormwater Management approvals are issued as part of the City of Statesville Planning Department Technical Review Committee processes and procedures.

Before a stormwater management permit application is deemed complete, the developer shall schedule a consultation with the Stormwater Program Manager on a concept plan for the post-construction stormwater management system to be utilized in the proposed development project. This consultation meeting may be done as part of a Planning Department/TRC Pre-Application Conference. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the post-construction stormwater management measures necessary for the proposed project, as well as to discuss and assess constraints, opportunities, and potential approaches to stormwater management designs before formal site design engineering is commenced. Local watershed plans, the Unified Development Ordinance, and other relevant resource protection plans should be consulted in the discussion of the concept plan.

The stormwater management plan submitted for TRC approval shall detail how post-development stormwater runoff will be controlled and managed and how the proposed project will meet the standards requirements of the Statesville UDO. Plans should include clear delineations and accounting for all existing and proposed impervious areas, specifying areas to be removed and any additional impervious areas requiring stormwater treatment. 

Any changes to the plans made subsequent to TRC approval (which affect the storm drainage conveyance and/or any SCMs) must be re-submitted to the City of Statesville for approval of the changes.

Documents required at submittal include (but are not limited to) are site plans, calculations, Stormwater Application and Checklist, Letter of Approval for E&SC, NCG01 Certificate of Coverage, and any 401/404 permits.