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The performance of SCMs and stormwater drainage systems is diminished when routine maintenance is not performed. A lack of attention to maintenance can jeopardize the system’s ability to perform as intended-possibly resulting in flooding and erosion. Flooding and uncontrolled stormwater runoff could lead to inundated structures, like houses and outbuildings, erosion of yards, driveways, and roads, and ultimately damage to personal property. The City intends to reduce the potential for hazards due to a lack of maintenance by requiring developers and subsequently the owners of SCMs to enter into an Operation and Maintenance Agreement (Form E in City of Statesville Drainage Design Manual Appendix).

The operation and maintenance of SCMs is the sole responsibility of the property owner(s). A signed Operation and Maintenance Agreement must be received by the Stormwater Program Manager prior to plan approval and permit issuance. It shall be referenced on the final plat and shall be recorded with the county Register of Deeds upon final plat approval. A copy of the recorded Operation and Maintenance Agreement shall be given to the Stormwater Program Manager within fourteen (14) days following its recordation. This agreement shall require timely maintenance, repair, and even replacement, if necessary, on behalf of the owner. The agreement shall also include appropriate maintenance schedules (see appendix). As part of the agreement, the owner will be required to perform annual inspections of their SCMs and submit a report to the City. This is a requirement of NPDES Phase II permit. It is also recommended that the owner have quarterly inspections done by a professional engineer or someone certified in the state of North Carolina for maintenance and inspection of SCMs.


The property owner, who is responsible for maintenance of any SCM, shall submit an annual inspection report from a qualified registered North Carolina professional engineer (Form F in City of Statesville Drainage Design Manual Appendix). The report shall be submitted annually prior to the anniversary date of the final construction inspection and as-built certification. The report at a minimum shall include the following:

  • The name and address of the owner.
  • The recorded book and page number of the lot of each SCM.
  • A statement that an inspection was made of all SCMs.
  • The date the inspection was made.
  • A statement that all inspected SCMs are performing properly and comply with the terms and conditions of the approved Operation and Maintenance Agreement required by this Ordinance.
  • The original signature and seal of the engineer inspecting the SCMs.
  • Digital photographs of the SCMs and pertinent components integral to its operation, including but not limited to inlet/outlet control structures, downstream receiving channel/area, embankments and spillways, safety features, and vegetation.
  • Copies of quarterly inspection reports.

Forms for documentation of the inspection are provided in the City of Statesville Drainage Design Manual Appendix and here on the website.  They are intended to be copied for multiple uses. Homeowner associations are also required to submit an accounting of escrow fund current balance and the account activity over the previous year along with the annual maintenance report. Pursuant to the Statesville UDO Section 8.05, the property owner of the SCMs is required to maintain copies of inspection forms at least five (5) years from the date of creation of the record and shall submit the same upon reasonable request to the Stormwater Program Manager.

The GENERAL SCM INSPECTION NOTES is required with all inspections performed.

Certified SCM Contractor List