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Winter Storm Izzy Update
Posted on 01/18/2022
weather relatedTUESDAY UPDATE: City offices will open at the regular time on Wednesday morning.

REVISED GARBAGE SCHEDULE: Monday’s garbage route will run Wednesday
Tuesday & Wednesday routes will run Thursday
Thursday and Friday routes will run Friday

Please be patient as sanitation trucks safely run their routes.

Because the upcoming weather event will begin with rain, the City will not spread brine ahead of time. The rain would just wash off the salt/water mixture.

The forecast is calling for about two inches of snow which can be scraped. The roads are expected to freeze overnight during this event and the street crews will treat the main roads with salt and sand as needed. The equipment is ready to tackle another weather event!

Here are some things Statesville residents can do to get ready for another possible storm:

*Report City of Statesville customer power outages to 704-878-3479. Duke and EnergyUnited customers can report outages to Duke and EnergyUnited--the City will be unable to forward their outage messages.
*Stay away from downed power lines. These can be dangerous even if someone is not touching them but is near them--stay as far away as possible from downed power lines and call the City's outage number 704-878-3479 to report downed lines.
*Be careful with generators. Do not operate these indoors, as deadly carbon monoxide poisoning can silently kill people and pets. If you have one of these, make sure to open your home's circuit breaker as the generator can back feed outside your home and create a hazard for line workers.
*Make plans for special medical needs. If you have special medical needs, make plans in case the power goes out, even for a few hours or perhaps for several days. No power provider can guarantee uninterruptible power and no one can guarantee all roads and businesses/services will be open. If you have a loved one or neighbor that is having trouble taking care of themselves in normal, non-storm times, show some care by encouraging them to make some storm preparation plans. Check on them during/after a storm event or make sure someone else is doing this.
*Use backup lighting methods responsibly. If you use candles to light your home after a power outage, take special care not to set anything on fire. Flashlights are much safer and brighter. LED camping lanterns are also superior to candles in terms of brightness, safety, and portability.
*Be patient. If you see utility workers on your street, let them do their work and stay out of their work zones. If they appear to ignore you, don’t worry, they must restore power to the main lines first, someone will return for your home.
*Keep refrigerators and freezers closed. If power goes out, keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to prolong the life of the contents.
*Look to the City's website and social media pages for updates.
*Monitor the weather if there is an impending or active storm event.
*Keep calm. The City will work constantly until all power is restored to all locations capable of being restored.
*Making advance preparation. Ready-to-eat food, bottled drinking water, blankets/coats, pet food, cars with full tanks of gas, spare flashlight batteries, portable radios, fully charged cell phones and cell phone charging banks, clean laundry, etc. are good to have on hand in advance of any storm or natural disaster situation.
*If you must drive during winter weather, use windshield wipers and turn on the low beam headlights. Reduce speed and increase following distance. Watch for shady spots, bridges and overpasses because they will be the first to freeze.