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Posted on 01/20/2022
more snowAccording to the US National Weather Service Greenville-Spartanburg SC, Statesville can expect 1-2 inches of snow Friday. Here’s what you need to know to get ready – plus information on how the City prepares for and deals with snow/ice events.

There’s nothing like a winter storm to remind folks about how the City of Statesville prepares and operates during bad weather!

When possible, city crews will brine the roads prior to the snow arriving. This mixture of salt and water helps prevent a bond from forming between the pavement and the snow and ice when the storm starts. When the storm begins as rain, there is no need to spread brine on the roads – the rain will just wash it off.

The City has designated streets and routes that are a priority when it comes to pre-treating the roads and snow/ice removal: main roads that connect to state roads and highways; roads with heavy traffic volume; trucking routes and major business avenues; hospital and emergency routes.

The City cannot pre-treat or remove snow/ice from private roads. Residents won’t see city trucks clearing streets in many of the new subdivisions with roads that have not been accepted for City maintenance. Check this map to see if you live on a private street.  


Statesville Electric Utility crews remain on standby when bad weather is in the forecast to respond to emergencies. Please note that there may be a delay in restoring power if weather conditions make it unsafe for electric crews to work.

Electric crews restore power to public health and safety facilities first, and to the greatest number of customers as safely and quickly as possible.

We know it's no fun being in the dark, so here's how you can help us:
1. Report the outage right away to 704-878-3479. Give your address and a call-back number. Also, please share any information that may assist in determining the cause of the outage.
2. The City cannot forward calls from customers of other utilities. Here are their numbers to call:
EnergyUnited: 1-800-386-4833
Duke Energy: Text “OUT” to 57801
3. If you need power because of special health needs, please make back-up plans now for what to do if the power goes out. No power provider can guarantee uninterruptible power or when power will be restored. Because special health needs customers are widely distributed across the City, it’s impossible for us to work on specific customer outages without greatly slowing down the restoration work.
4. Be sure to have back-up plans for emergencies. Batteries, non-perishable foods, blankets.
5. During an outage, the City communicates with its customers via social media, the city website and local media. We are not able to answer calls about when the power will be restored. Follow the City on Facebook and Twitter for the most up-to-date information.
6. Check on your elderly neighbors, friends and family members. See what they need!

The City is responsible for clearing 147 miles of public streets following a snow/ice event. Streets are cleaned according to the following priorities: main roads that connect to state roads and highways; roads with heavy traffic volume; trucking routes and major business avenues; hospital and emergency routes.

Statesville will use 11 plows, 1 front end loader, 3 backhoes and 2 skid-steer loaders to clear


Some great tips for driving in winter weather: 

Check on road conditions