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NOTICE to persons planning electrical projects to be served by the City of Statesville's Electric System:

The City of Statesville Electric Department has numerous policies and standards designed to ensure safe, orderly, and long-term electric service to its citizens and customers. Failure to follow the City's standards and policies will result in the City not providing service or disconnecting service until such standards and policies are met. Before beginning an electrical project, the City encourages persons to see information provided below and contact the Electric Department at (704) 878-3419.

The City's Electric Department staff looks forward to working with you to achieve your goals and serving its customers and citizens.

For Information, click on the appropriate link below:

3-Phase Padmount Transformer Foundation Specs

Pad-mount Transformer Clearances

400 Amp Service Policy

Labeling Multiple Meter Enclosures

2 - 6 Gang Metering Installation

Large Gang Metering Installation

120-V Service Meter

320-Class Meter

Renewable Energy Meter Installation

Devices Installed Between Meter & Socket

Meter Base Information

Photography Credits: Geoff Wood Photography