Celebrating Great Outdoors Month with Statesville Recreation & Parks Department

As the warmth of June invites us outside, we at the Statesville Recreation & Parks Department are thrilled to celebrate Great Outdoors Month! This is the perfect time to explore the natural beauty and outdoor activities that the City of Statesville has to offer. Whether you're an adventure enthusiast or simply looking to enjoy some fresh air, our parks and recreational areas have something for everyone.

Discover the Beauty of Our Parks

Statesville is home to more than 20 parks and properties, each offering unique experiences and breathtaking scenery.

Take a stroll through Martin Luther King Jr. Park, where you can enjoy serene walking trails, beautiful landscapes, and a peaceful pond.

For families, Caldwell Park provides a great space for picnics, playground fun, pickleball and even a Dog Park for your furry friends.

Our parks are meticulously maintained, ensuring a pleasant and safe environment for all visitors.

View all City of Statesville Parks & Properties here.

Adventure Awaits at the Statesville Greenways

For those seeking adventure, the Statesville Greenway Trail offers extensive trails perfect for hiking, biking, and even birdwatching. The greenway connects several parks and natural areas, allowing you to explore different parts of our city while staying active. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars – you might spot some local wildlife along the way!

The greenway is made up of 4 sections available for use that will eventually connect together for one continuous trail that encircles Statesville: Fouth Creek, Gregory Creek, Newtonville, and the Denso Segment. The trail was established in 2001 and, combining the different sections, is currently over 6 miles long. The entire trail will eventually be paved 10 feet wide with asphalt.

Learn more about the Statesville Greenway Trail here.


Cool off this summer at the Statesville Leisure Pool or Splash Pad (at the Bentley Community Center). Either location is an excellent spot for both relaxation and excitement.

The Statesville Leisure Pool (admission fee) and Splash Pad (FREE) are open seasonally from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend (learn more here for full operating hours). Learn more about the Leisure Pool here or the Splash Pad here.

Fitness in Nature

Fitness programs extend beyond the gym walls of the Statesville Fitness & Activity Center. Choose either Aqua Zumba or Riverwalk at the Statesville Leisure Pool this summer! Exercising outdoors adds a refreshing twist to your fitness routine.

View the full summer Group Fitness and Aqua Class Schedules here.

Community and Events

Great Outdoors Month is also about community. Get ready for a summer of cinematic fun with the Statesville Recreation & Parks Department's Summer Movie Series! From Memorial Day through Labor Day Weekend, join us for a lineup of exciting movie nights that cater to all ages and interests.

🌊 π‘«π’Šπ’—π’†-𝑰𝒏 π‘΄π’π’—π’Šπ’† at the Statesville Leisure Pool

πŸ’¦ 𝑺𝒑𝒍𝒂𝒔𝒉-𝑰𝒏 π‘΄π’π’—π’Šπ’† at the Bentley Community Center

πŸŽ₯ π‘΄π’π’—π’Šπ’†π’” π’Šπ’ 𝒕𝒉𝒆 π‘·π’‚π’“π’Œ at Martin Luther King Jr. Park

And we have so much more beyond our Summer Movie Series. The Statesville Recreation & Parks Department has a full calendar packed with events to bring people together all throughout the year. View the full list of featured events here.

Tips for Enjoying the Outdoors

Stay Hydrated: Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially on hot days.

Wear Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the sun’s rays by applying sunscreen regularly, wear protective clothing, and/or seek shade as often as possible during the hottest part of the day.

Dress Appropriately: Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear.

Great Outdoors Month is a reminder of the wonderful natural resources available to us and the joy they bring. The Statesville Recreation & Parks Department is dedicated to providing quality outdoor experiences for all. We invite you to join us in celebrating this month by exploring our parks, participating in events, and embracing the beauty of the great outdoors.

Let’s make this June unforgettable by stepping outside, breathing in the fresh air, and appreciating the natural wonders around us. See you there!

For more information about our parks, events, and outdoor activities, visit our website here or contact the Statesville Recreation & Parks Department here.

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