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Residential Energy Audits

Reducing the amount of energy used in your home leads to lower energy costs and lower utility bills. The City of Statesville, in partnership with ElectriCities, can help you learn ways to save energy in your home. Energy audits are free for all City of Statesville electric customers.

What happens during an Energy Audit?

Before the auditors arrive at your home, they will review your 12-month billing history to compare your month-to-month energy usage. On the day of the audit, the auditors will perform a walk-through of your home to look for potential energy savings. The walk-through will include looking in the attic, crawl space, appliances, and interior of the home. The auditors will also ask questions about how you use energy in your home.

What happens after the audit?

After the audit, the auditors will mail or email your Residential Energy Survey that shows the breakdown of energy usage in your home. The survey also includes suggestions for saving energy that are specific to your home and lifestyle. Typically, the suggestions require little to no cost. However, more costly improvements may be suggested depending on the condition of the home.

Commercial and Industrial Energy Audits

Through a partnership with ElectriCities, the City of Statesville provides a commercial and industrial energy audit program. This program identifies energy saving opportunities by analyzing existing facilities and making recommendations for energy efficient practices and technology. 

Prior to the audit, the auditor reviews the customer's usage history. During the audit, the auditor will perform an in-depth assessment of the facilities, mechanical systems and equipment. The auditor will then identify energy saving opportunities and make recommendations, which will be documented in a report and mailed or emailed to the customer. Energy audits are scheduled during operational hours to get accurate insight into the normal business activity and production.

Any City of Statesville electric customer interested in scheduling an energy audit should call (704) 761.2371