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10-16-20 SPD K-9 Unit Retires Argo & Czar, Introduces New K-9s Axl & Ace
Posted on 10/16/2020
Statesville Police K-9s Ace and Axl

In 2019, the Statesville PD K-9 Unit retired two of their veteran K-9s, Argo and Czar, who had been in service with the department since 2010. Argo (a 2009 German Shepherd partnered with Officer Mitchell) and Czar (a 2009 Belgian Malinois partnered with Officer Herman) enjoyed long and very lucrative careers, excelling in their role as multi-purpose K-9s and were legends in their own right. Countless arrests and seizures were made possible by their endless drive to work and sniff out drugs, money and suspects on the run. The bonds that are formed between the dogs and their handlers make it bittersweet when they have to retire and pass on the tug toy, but both K-9s were able remain at home with their handlers to live out their retirement.

Sadly, Czar passed away earlier this year, but his many years of service and partnership with Officer Herman always reflected how much he loved his job and he was truly one of the best. We wish Argo a well deserved and relaxing retirement at home with Officer Mitchell and are proud of his accomplishments during his time with the Statesville PD K-9 Unit.

Retired Police K-9 Argo    Retired Police K-9 Czar
Retired K-9 Argo, Retired K-9 Czar

SPD K-9s with Newly Donated Body Armor
2017 K-9 Body Armor Donation Release Article Photo with Czar & Officer Herman and Argo & Officer Mitchell




Statesville Police K-9s Ace and Axl in front of K-9 Tahoe
K-9 Ace and Officer Herman (L), K-9 Axl and Officer Mitchell (R)

Statesville Police K-9 Axl
Statesville Police K-9 Axl

Statesville Police K-9 Ace
Statesville Police K-9 Ace

The search for dogs to fill the vacant positions led to the purchase of Statesville PD’s two newest K-9s - Axl, a 2 ½ -year-old German Shepherd partnered with Officer Mitchell, and Ace, a 2 ½ -year-old Belgian Malinois partnered with Officer Herman.

After extensive training during the summer and fall of 2019, Axl and Ace certified with their handlers in obedience, article search, area search, narcotics, tracking and apprehension. After being officially certified in December 2019, they joined patrol with fellow K-9s Edo, paired with Officer Findley, and Diezel, paired with Officer Berens. Axl and Ace have shown quite an aptitude for the job during their 10 months in service and have already made several successful tracks and drug/money seizures while on duty, and recently completed their annual certification.

The Statesville PD K-9 Unit hosted the United Police Work Dog Association’s annual workshop last week, which, in addition to a variety of training sessions, offers annual certifications for the various accreditations required for each K-9 team.

Statesville PD would like to recognize the incredible dedication and work ethic shown by our K-9 Unit who not only works the road with the patrol squads they are assigned to, but also puts in hundreds of additional hours of training, education and community demonstrations each year to maintain and progress their partnerships and effectiveness in helping to lower crime in our community.

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