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The City of Statesville Police Department is dedicated to working to prevent domestic violence in our area. Statesville PD has pledged support in working with other law enforcement agencies and community organizations to prevent domestic violence.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Click Here to read the proclamation signed by Statesville Mayor Costi Kutteh and Mayors from Troutman and Mooresville.


Domestic violence, battering, or family abuse-all ways to describe a pattern of abusive behavior that some individuals use to control their intimate partners. Any type of violence, abuse, or threat that one partner in a relationship commits against another. It includes, but is not limited to physical, sexual, emotional, verbal and psychological attacks. It’s a problem that has been happening for years and every year in the United States affects millions of people—most often women.

Domestic violence involves different types of behaviors. Examples include: punches, kicks, slaps, shoves, hits, using degrading remarks, forcing partner to perform degrading tasks, sexual assault, rape, and other tactics used to establish power and control over a partner.

  • Are you ever frightened of your partner?
  • Does your partner put you down in front of other people?
  • Have you ever changed your behaviour because you are scared of what your partner might say or do?
  • Does your partner stop you from seeing your friends or family? Or do you avoid your friends and family because you are embarrassed about how your partner treats you?
  • Has your partner ever hurt you or your children, or threatened to do so?
  • Has your partner ever damaged or destroyed any of your possessions?
  • Does your partner have a bad or unpredictable temper?
  • Has your partner ever forced you to have sex, or perform sexual acts, when you didn't want to?
  • Is your partner jealous or possessive? Does your partner accuse you of having affairs or flirting when it isn't true? Does your partner check up on you, read your emails and messages, or follow you?
  • Does your partner threaten to commit suicide, or self-harm, or harm someone else if you were to leave?
  • Does your partner not allow you access to money when you need it, or your phone or transport? Are your finances rigidly controlled, or do you have to account for every penny?
  • Does your partner ever suggest that any of these things are your fault?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider your safety. To find out more information on getting help, click here.


Investigators Corporal Tyler Horn and Corporal Adam Wilkes are assigned as the Statesville Police Department Domestic Violence Specialists (DVS). The DVS conducts criminal investigations individually and in conjunction with other officers and agencies with regard to incidents of domestic violence within the City of Statesville. DVS responsibilities also include maintaining a comprehensive intelligence database on domestic violence incidents, suspects, victims, training, protocols, victim services/resources and providing training to officers in domestic violence response, investigation, and interviewing techniques. The DVS also assists victims in the application process for domestic violence protection orders, provides victims with information and referrals for community resources, and helps victims create a safety plan.