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Garbage CollectionGarbage Collection

Garbage Curbside Collection

The City of Statesville provides weekly curbside collection for residents and up to two times per week for commercial customers. The first toter is provided at no cost. It is the responsibility of the householder or commercial establishment to replace if stolen or damaged from improper use or neglect.

Please call 704-878-3415 for assistance on locating missing toters and replacements.

Roll-out containers are not to be removed from the premises to which it is assigned. All roll out containers not issued by the City shall be subject to approval by the Sanitation Dept. Roll out containers shall be stocked by the city and can be purchased at cost upon request.

Garbage is to be placed on the curb the day before the pick-up and removed by 8 a.m. on the day after it is picked up. Failure to do so may result in a fine. You may contact our solid waste department for day of the week for pickup.

The city will pick up the following items at the curb:

  • Household garbage in the brown 95-gallon rollout cans.
  • Crews will pick up bagged leaves and limbs (4 ft. length or less) up to 2 cubic yards (3'x3'x3') at the curb any time of the year.
  • Crews will pickup old furniture, stoves, refrigerators, water heaters on the regular collection day. 
  • The city will not pick up:
    *Used paint (empty and dry paint cans are acceptable)
    *Construction debris, lumber, sheetrock, brick, block, plywood
    *Roofing materials, guttering
    *Fencing, Doors and Windows
    *Carpet & Padding
    *Batteries, Tires, Gas Tanks, Oil
    *Stumps, Ashes, Saw dust
    *Air Conditioners
    *TVs and computers/components
    *55 Gal Barrels
  • You may take these to the landfill and place them in drop off areas.

Residential - $5 a month - $60 annually
Commercial - $14.95 a week "x" the number of pick-ups per week
$14.95 each per additional toter

The City of Statesville has adopted a policy by which a residential property owner may elect to no longer receive City solid waste services. If approved, the property would be exempted from the City's solid waste fee.  (See opt out policy and form at top of page.)