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Leaf Collection Update
Posted on 11/01/2019
leaf truckWeek of Nov. 4: Area One moving into Area Two
Week of Nov. 11: Area Two moving into Area Three
Week of Nov. 18: Area Three moving into Area Four
Week of Nov. 25: Area Four



The City of Statesville is gearing up for loose leaf collection which will officially begin the week of November 4th. With three automated trucks and six pull-behind leaf vacuums, the Sanitation Division staff is ready for “Leaf Season”, the 12-plus weeks of the year when residents can place their leaves in piles near the curb for pick-up.

“We are trying to be proactive,” explained Sanitation Division Superintendent Kevin Rankins. “Council budgeted for new equipment and more overtime pay, so we have brought on temporary workers and are getting started earlier in the season than in past years.”

The City is divided into four geographical areas, starting from the intersection of Center and Broad Streets. Center Street and Shelton Ave. divide the city east and west, and Broad and Front Streets divide the city north and south. Area One is the southwest quadrant (south of W. Broad St. & W. Front St. and west of S. Center St. & Shelton Ave; Area Two is the southeast quadrant (south of E. Broad St. and east of S. Center St. & Shelton Ave.; Area Three is the northeast quadrant (north of E. Broad St. and east of N. Center St.; Area Four is the northwest quadrant (north of W. Broad St. & W. Front St. and west of N. Center St.).

Click on the link at the top of the story to locate which area you live in. Crews will hit all the streets in an area one time before moving to the next area. Each area will be collected a minimum of three times during “Leaf Season”.