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Recycle Right
Posted on 01/03/2020
no glass

Statesville is changing the way it recycles. To recycle right, residents are asked to:

  • Place glass items in the trash; Glass is no longer accepted for recycling.
  • Only recycle plastic bottles, tubs, jugs and jars with numbers 1 & 2 on the bottom.
  • Flatten cardboard before recycling.
  • Empty and rinse all containers.
  • Place items loose and empty in the recycling cart. NO BAGS!
  • Keep out aerosol cans, batteries, ceramic items, clothing, textiles, diapers, disposable cups, electronics, food-tainted items, hazardous waste, household glass, medical waste, plastic bags/wrap, scrap metal/wood, shredded paper, Styrofoam/peanuts, tanglers (cords, hoses, wires, etc.), tires and toys.

When in doubt – throw it out.


Changes in the recycling industry have caused Benfield Sanitation Services, Statesville’s recycling provider, to stop accepting glass. As of January 2020, Statesville residents and other Benfield customers (Mooresville and Troutman) have been instructed to no longer put glass in their recycling bins.

Also, Benfield has begun charging municipalities $20 per ton of recycling, whether or not there is glass in the materials. This will cost Statesville $12,000-$13,000 per year. Removing glass from the recycling materials should lower the weight and lower costs.

According to Benfield officials, single stream recycling, where all materials are put into one bin at the household, has generated much contamination in the material created after recycling. The greatest recycling market – China – has banned recycling from America; and the industry has seen a 75% decrease in the market.

In addition to the ban on glass, Benfield has asked customers to only recycle plastic bowls, jugs and bottles with the numbers 1 and 2 on the bottom.

Statesville was one of the first cities in the state to offer curbside recycling. Staff will continue to look at ways to offer more options in recycling, but for now is asking all residents to keep glass out of their recycling carts.