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Traffic Related Changes
Posted on 08/17/2021
speed limit sign

City Council passed the following traffic-related changes to the City Code:

Established 25-mile per hour Speed Zones on all city-maintained streets which are not a part of the NCDOT Highway System except for the following roads:

15-mph Zone:

  • N. Green St. between E. Broad St. and Davie Ave.

20-mph Zone:

  • Cooper St. between E. Front St. and E. Broad St.
    Queens crest to its terminus
  • Royalty Circle to its terminus
  • All future streets integrated within Queens Crest Subdivision

35-mph Zone:

  • Hartness Rd. from Oakdale Dr. to N. Center St.
    Brookdale Dr. from Carolina Ave. north to Stockton St.
  • Carolina Ave. north from Sullivan Rd. to Brookdale Dr.
  • Free Nancy Ave.
  • S. Oakland Ave. from Front St. to Garner Bagnal Blvd.
  • Signal Hill Dr. from point 0.24 miles south of Simonton Rd. to Simonton Rd.
  • Radio Rd. from Hartness Rd. to Carolina Ave. north
  • Museum Rd. from a point 0.3 miles west of Radio Rd. to Radio Rd.

45-mph Zone:

  •  Amity Hill Rd. from a point 0.171 miles southeast from moose Club Rd. to a point 0.213 miles southeast of Moose Club Rd.
  • Amity Hill Rd. from a point 0.479 miles northeast of Hugo Lane to a point 0.428 miles northeast of Hugo Lane.
  • Amity Hill Rd. from a point 0.611 miles southeast of Murdock Rd. to a point 0.698 miles southeast of Murdock Rd.
  • Amity Hill Rd. from a point of 0.759 miles southeast of Murdock Rd. to a point 0.904 miles southeast of Murdock Rd.
  • Old Mocksville Rd. (SR 2158) from the corporate limits of Statesville, a point 0.30 mile north of U.S. 64, northward to the corporate limits of Statesville, a point of 0.04 miles north of Wilson Park Rd. (SR 2437)


Changed the Parking Violations and Fines for Downtown Statesville

  •  Initial fine for a parking ticket increased to $10. If not paid by the 14th day after being issued, fee will increase to $40.
  • If a vehicle receives three parking tickets and each has not been paid within 30 days, the Statesville Police will install a vehicle immobilization device (boot) on the vehicle. If the fines are still not paid within five days after installing the boot, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • (Previously, first ticket was $5 and increased to $80 after 30 days.)

Expected to begin in November 2021.

Approved First Reading of “No Parking Anytime” ordinance on both sides of Alexander St. between N. Lackey St. and Nursery St.  (2nd reading scheduled for Sept. 20 meeting)