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Waterline Replacement Project
Posted on 07/11/2022
waterline replacement projectThe Public Utilities Department is excited to announce the kickoff of the City of Statesville Waterline Replacement project. In 2020, a condition assessment study identified several critical distribution and transmission mains through downtown that needed rehabilitation or replacement in the near future. These cast iron waterlines were installed in the 1940s and are increasingly likely to suffer structural damage or failure due to age, resulting in service disruptions and costly repair efforts.

With an initial total estimated cost of approximately $19.5 million, the combined waterline projects were expected to be released in multiple phases over several years as funding became available. Under the American Rescue Plan, however, $20 million of funding for local infrastructure projects was earmarked for the City of Statesville, providing an opportunity to approach the project in total. The grant request was approved on April 22, 2022, for $19,551,200. With this grant, the City will replace 5.5 miles of vulnerable, aging pipelines, providing increased reliability and resilience in the heart of our water distribution system.

Over the last several months, Public Utilities has engaged with an engineering consultant to assist with preliminary studies, routing and construction methods analyses, and maintenance of service planning to ensure that the project meets its goal with the least impact to the public possible. While this is a high-priority project for the City, one of our highest concerns will be minimizing disruptions to residents, businesses, and the traveling public during the construction phase (anticipated start date of 2024).

Our engineering consultant, Highfill Infrastructure Engineering, P.C., and their subconsultants are currently collecting surveying and field data along the proposed pipeline route to identify and resolve potential issues before we begin design. Citizens will see indications of this work by means of survey stakes, flagging, and line marking with paint. We will provide updates to the public throughout the project design and construction.

Maintaining reliable access to clean, safe drinking water is essential for the growth and prosperity of our city. We are confident that this strategic investment in our water infrastructure will enhance our quality of life today and will help us continue to provide reliable, safe water to our community for years to come.

Throughout the project, the City will provide updates, notifications of service disruptions, traffic detours and other important information through local media, the City’s social media (Facebook and Twitter) and City website –