This is the last run-through for leaf collection this season. If you are in Area One or Two and still have leaves on the curb, call 704-878-3415 and leave your address.  Leaves will be collected as crews are able. Check back regularly to keep up with the schedule.

Week of Feb. 11: Areas Three and Four, weather permitting
Week of Feb. 18: Area Four

(Type in your address in the search bar. Click the dot on the map designating your address. The information will appear in the box beside the dot. Toggle the arrows to get the information you need) 

Bagged leaves are typically collected faster than loose leaves.  Bags are available for purchase (10 for $1) at the Statesville Customer Service counter, 301 S. Center St.

Area One:  south of W. Front St. and west of S. Center St./Shelton Ave.
Area Two:  south of E. Broad St. and east of S. Center St./Shelton Ave.
Area Three:  north of E. Broad St. and east  of N. Center St.
Area Four: north of W. Front St. and west of N. Center St.


  • Place leaves in front of your residence on the edge of the yard and curb; NOT IN THE STREET.
  • Do not block sidewalks.
  • Do not mix other debris (brush, limbs, trash, etc.) with the leaves.
  • Do not place leaves within three feet of other obstacles (parked vehicles, trees, mailboxes, fire hydrants, utility poles, etc.)
  • Do not place leaves on top of water meters.
  • Bagged leaves should not be mixed with other yard debris or trash items.  Place bags on the curb for pick-up.
  • Residents are responsible for having their leaves on the curb by 7 a.m. on the Monday of their scheduled pickup period. Crews will not return to a street once it is completed until the next rotation.


  • Utilize a mulching lawnmower and mulch leaves back into the lawn, providing nutrients for the soil.
  • Place leaves in and around plant beds and under trees and shrubs for good soil nutrients and plant insulation.


The City is divided into four geographical areas.  Each area will be serviced twice during the 12-week collection period.  Residents must place their leaves on the curb prior to their scheduled pickup date.  Crews will not return to a street once it is completed until the next rotation.

The loose leaf pick-up schedule is available on the City’s website –; on Facebook -; Twitter - @cityofsvl; Spectrum Cable government channel 20.  The Hello Statesville Sunday night calls will also have updated information each week.  You can register to receive these recorded calls by calling 704-878-3583 or click here

ADA Compliance
If anyone needs information in an alternative format or requires a reasonable accomodation for City communications services/programs, please contact, Lynn Smyth, ADA Coordinator at 704.878.3588.

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