Statesville City Council Meeting 05/16/2022

May 16, 2022
City Hall - 227 S. Center Street, Statesville, NC
Pre-Agenda Meeting – 6:00 p.m. – City Hall 2nd Floor Conference Room
Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m. - City Hall Council Chambers

I. Call to Order

II. Invocation

III. Pledge of Allegiance

IV. Adoption of the Agenda (Only at Council Meeting)

V. Code of Ethics pg. 5

VI. Presentations & Recognitions (Only at Council Meeting) pg. 9
    Proclamation – Performing Arts Live, Bill Warren
    Recognize Statesville Police Chief David Addison upon his retirement – Resolution No. 17-22

VII. Public Comment (Only at Council Meeting)

VIII. Consent Agenda – All items below are considered to be routine by City Council and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion on these items unless a Council member so requests, in which event, the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered with the other items listed in the Regular Agenda.

A. Approval of minutes: May 2, 2022 Pre-Agenda Meeting Minutes (Fugett) pg. 11

B. Consider approving professional services with Parrish and Partners, LLC, in the amount of $99,969.00 for the acquisition of properties on the west end of the airport runway. This amount will be covered by a NCDOT Aviation Grant at 90%. (Ferguson) pg. 21

C. Consider approving an ordinance to amend the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Electric Rider (Schedule REPS), and Renewable Energy Credit Rider (RECR-1). (Maclaga) pg. 37

D. Consider approving Budget Amendment #2022-35 to increase the overall budget of the Fund 210 – Occupancy Tax. (Roberts) pg. 43

E. Consider approving a Resolution and a Special Revenue Fund Ordinance to accept the State Capital Infrastructure Funds (SCIF) revenue funds. (Harrell/Roberts) pg. 45

F. Consider approving Budget Amendment #2022-36 to establish a budget to transfer FY22 taxes collected for the Woods Dam tax district to the General Capital Reserve fund and appropriate related expenditures. (Roberts) pg. 51

G. Consider passing a resolution directing the City Clerk to investigate a petition of annexation; receive the City Clerk’s Certificate of Sufficiency; and, consider passing a resolution fixing a date of June 6, 2022 for a public hearing for the petition for annexation for PIN # 4765-32-6724, 4765-32-5716 & 4765-32-3788 – Case No. AX22-07, Helmsman Homes Properties. (Ashley) pg. 53

H. Consider setting an organizational meeting to accommodate the seating of newly elected or re-elected officials. (Smith) pg. 65

I. Consider approving a request to demolish a portion of the house and the existing detached garage located at 518 South Race Street. (Ashley) pg. 69

J. Consider approving a request to place a sculpture in the streetscape area at 216 South Center Street or 203 West Broad Street. (Ashley) pg. 77

K. Consider adopting a resolution accepting the American Rescue Plan Grant offer from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. (Harrell) pg. 83


I. Conduct a public hearing on the proposed Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Budget. (Roberts) pg. 89

II. Consider approving an amendment to the Master Development Agreement for the Vance Hotel and to move forward with the sale of the property. (Smith) pg. 91

III. Conduct a public hearing and consider approving (Quasi-Judicial) Site Plan filed by More Apartments, LLC for an 84-unit multi-family development known as the Flats at Statesville on a 5.27-acre parcel located on Solstice Drive, Tax Map 4745-28-5553. (Ashley) pg. 173

IV. Conduct a public hearing and consider passing the first reading of TA22-01: Text Amendments to the Unified Development Code filed by the City of Statesville to amend Article 3 Zoning, Section 3.04 Zoning District Regulations, Table 3-1: Use Matrix and Section S. B-5 – General Business District. (Ashley) pg. 181

V. Conduct a public hearing and consider passing first reading of Rezoning Request ZC22-02 for property located on Buffalo Shoals Road, Park Drive and Johnson Drive; Iredell County Tax Parcel Identification #’s 4734-11-0248, 4723-89-7998, 4734-10-0436, 4734-20-1073, 4734- 20-4406 & 4733-09-8888; from R-A (Residential-Agricultural) District, R-15M (Urban Fringe Low Density Residential/Manufactured Housing) District and HI (Heavy Industrial) District to R-8 MF CZ (Medium Density Multi-Family Residential Conditional Zoning Cluster & Architecturally Integrated Subdivision) District. (Ashley) pg. 225

VI. Conduct a public hearing and consider passing first reading of Rezoning Request ZC22-06 for a property located on Victory Lane; Iredell County Tax Parcel Identification # 4755-25- 2950; from RA (Residential Agricultural) District to LI (Light Industrial) District. (Ashley) pg. 261

VII. Conduct a public hearing and consider passing first reading of Rezoning Request ZC22-08 for properties located on Wall Street; Iredell County Tax Parcel Identification #4743-78-1262, 4743- 64-4008, 4743-73-5651 and 4743-66-3318 (portion); from B-5 (General Business), R-A (Residential Agricultural), R-15M (Urban Fringe Low Density Residential/Manufactured Housing) and Iredell County RA (Residential Agricultural) districts to LI (Light Industrial) District. (Ashley) pg. 281

VIII. Boards and Commission Updates
    Design Review Committee meeting minutes - March 10, 2022 pg. 301
    Board of Adjustment meeting minutes – April 5, 2022 pg. 305
    Design Review Committee meeting minutes – April 14, 2022 pg. 311

IX. Other Business

X. Closed Session (After Pre-Agenda if needed)

XI. Adjournment

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