Planning + Zoning

The Statesville Planning + Zoning Department is responsible for current planning and long-range planning efforts. Current planning involves projects related to zoning, development review, architectural and appearance review, as well as permitting and other activities. Long-range planning involves the creation and enforcement of plans for the entire City as well as special areas related to future growth and development. Through planning we seek to enhance the quality of life of our residents.

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Unified Development Code 

Unified Development Ordinance will guide Statesville to promote orderly and quality growth that ensures the public health, safety and general welfare of its citizens, establish standards for land development that are up to date and consistent with the City's vision and plans Improve the visual character of the City, conserve and protect property values within the City and Provide a more user friendly format of the standards to its current and future citizens.

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2019 Mobility & Development Plan

Transportation is a central component of life that most of us rely on every day. Planning for transportation affects everyone, from deciding the shape of manmade structures to tying together social networks. The Statesville Mobility + Development Plan (MDP) outlines the community’s process for creating a comprehensive transportation strategy that addresses today’s mobility needs and future needs for decades to come.

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2045 Land Development Plan

Statesville’s Land Development Plan provides a vision for the City.  The new 2045 Land Development Plan will be tailored for the City’s long-term opportunities and regional economic and market trends. This strategic approach will guide land development through clear goals and implementable actions. Following adoption of the new plan, the goals and strategies will be incorporated into current City codes and ordinances.

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Additional Statesville Planning + Zoning Information

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Downtown Design Review CommitteeThe Downtown Design Review Committee was established in 2008.
Historic Planning CommitteeThe Statesville Historic Preservation Committee was established in 1982.

Iredell County Interactive Zoning Map

The Iredell County Geographic Information System (GIS) Zoning Map is approved at the time that the local legislature adopts a zoning ordinance. On this map, the zoning district lines are overlaid on a street map of the community. This map divides the community into districts. Each district will carry a designation that refers to the zoning code regulations for that district. By referring to this map, it is possible to identify the use district within which any parcel of land is located. Then, by referring to the text of the zoning code, it is possible to discover the uses that are permitted within that district and the dimensional restrictions that apply to building on that land. The zoning map, implemented through the text of the ordinance, constitutes a blueprint for the development of the community over time.

North Carolina State Building Code

The North Carolina Building Codes are promulgated by the North Carolina Building Code Council (BCC) and are interpreted and enforced by the Engineering Section.

Minimum Housing Standards

The purpose of minimum housing code inspections are to ensure the safety and welfare of City residents by making sure housing is fit for human habitation.


The City of Statesville is part of the Charlotte Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO). It is the CRTPO's responsibility to coordinate transportation policy for local governmental jurisdictions within the Charlotte Urbanized Area.

Upcoming/ongoing projects include Interstate 77 & Interstate 40 Interchange project, East Broad Street improvements, Connector Road (Sullivan Road to Brookdale Drive), and Five Points intersection improvements. 

Upcoming City Events:

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District 2 Community Meeting
Sep 28, 2023
6:00 PM EDT
1145 Salisbury Road
Statesville , NC 28677
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SPD's National Night Out
Oct 03, 2023
5:30 PM EDT
West Broad And Mulberry Street
Statesville, NC 28677
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Community Health Fair
Oct 11, 2023
10:00 AM EDT
1875 Simonton Rd
Statesville, NC 28677
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Latest Statesville Planning + Zoning News:

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