Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Smart Meters

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Smart Meters

AMI Customer Portal

AMI - Smart Electric and Water Meters

The City of Statesville has upgraded our electric and water meters. These new meters have many benefits for our customers. You will want to set-up your Customer Portal to take advantage of all AMI's benefits. Click on the icon to go the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Customer Portal.

Benefits For Our Electric Customers:

  • AMI Meters automatically inform the City if your power is out and when your power is restored.
  • City can (for most meters) remotely turn on or off power.
  • AMI Meters report to the City if there is an excessive heat issue in your meter base. If it is severe, meters can temporarily shut off power.
  • AMI Meters are automatically read daily.

Benefits For Our Water/Sewer Customer:

  • AMI Meters will inform the City if you have a high likelihood of a leak.
  • AMI Meters are automatically read daily.
Electric or Water Meter Tampering

A Safety Reminder From the City’s Customer Service Policy:

  1. It is unlawful for anyone other than a City employee or the City’s agent to cut on or off utility service (electric or water).
  2. If a meter seal is found to be broken or removed, the City may investigate to determine if tampering has occurred and then reseal the meter.
  3. A service charge as set forth in Section 7 will be charged to anyone violating this policy to recover the City’s cost for investigating the complaint. (In 2022 this charge is $250 for the first offense, $500 for the second offense).

The City may also disconnect utility service for meter tampering.

These policies were enacted to deter theft of utility service and to discourage people from making potentially unsafe disconnections and reconnections. Improper disconnection/reconnection of electric and/or water meters can cause injury, illness, or death.

For City electric and water customers, the City will turn off/on electric and/or water to enable the building owner to safely perform permitted work free of charge during normal business hours.

Please call Customer Service at 704-878-3564 to schedule permitted work-related service disconnection and reconnection.

If the customer feels there is an unsafe condition requiring immediate inspection or disconnection of service, the City will send an on-call crew as quickly as possible. (Keep in mind during or after a major storm such requests may take a significantly longer time to address).

The City performs these services free of charge because Safety is our highest priority.

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