Celebrating Youth Soccer Excellence: 2023 Fall U8, U10, and U12 Soccer Tournaments

The leaves are falling and the cheers of young athletes echo through the fields of Statesville. It's that time of year again, where budding soccer talents from across the region gather for an exciting weekend of competition. The Statesville Recreation & Parks Department is thrilled to present the results of the 2023 Fall U8, U10, and U12 Soccer Tournaments. Let's dive into the action and celebrate the dedication, teamwork, and passion that these young athletes displayed.

U8 Division:

Tournament U8 A: East B (Sancez) defeated WISA A (Poole) 2-1 for the Championship

In a thrilling championship match, East B (Sanchez) defeated WISA A (Poole) with a score of 2-1. East B (Sanchez) completed a remarkable undefeated season, showcasing their talent and teamwork throughout the tournament. Notably, WISA A (Poole), entering the tournament as the 10th seed, fought against the odds and even defeated an undefeated East A (Galarza) to reach the championship game.

Tournament U8 B: Troutman D (Hutchens) defeated Central A (Morrison) 3-0 for the Championship

Troutman D (Hutchens) secured the championship title in the U8 B division by defeating Central A (Morrison) with a score of 3-0. Central A (Morrison), despite being the 11th seed and going winless during the regular season, displayed remarkable resilience, winning three games in the tournament before their admirable journey ended in the championship.

On the other hand, Troutman D (Hutchens) overcame the odds by knocking off the #1 seed and #4 seed to make it to the championship game, proving that determination can lead to extraordinary success.

East B (Sancez)

WISA A (Poole)

Troutman D (Hutchens)

Central A (Morrison)

U10 Division:

Tournament U10 A: East A (Garcia) defeated East B (Balbuena) 3-1 for the Championship

The U10 A division championship featured an exciting clash between both East teams, with East A (Garcia) emerging victorious with a 3-1 scoreline. What made this encounter particularly impressive was that both East teams had maintained undefeated records until the championship game, illustrating their exceptional skills and dedication.

Tournament U10 B: Union Grove B (Cass) defeated Third Creek  (Barnette) 5-1 for the Championship

Union Grove B (Cass) secured the championship title in the U10 B division with a dominant 5-1 victory over Third Creek (Barnette). Union Grove B (Cass) defied the odds as the 5th seed in the tournament, showcasing their prowess and determination on the field.

East A (Garcia)

East B (Balbuena)

Union Grove B (Cass)

Third Creek (Barnette)

U12 Division:

Tournament U12 A: East B (Ramseur) defeated Troutman A (Clendenin) 3-2 for the Championship

East B (Ramseur) triumphed over Troutman A (Clendenin) with a close score of 3-2 in the U12 A division championship. Troutman had maintained an undefeated record leading up to the final game, making their journey all the more commendable.

Tournament U12 B: Union Grove (Williams) defeated Third Creek A (Heminger) 5-2 for the Championship

Union Grove (Williams) secured the championship title in the U12 B division by defeating Third Creek A (Heminger) with a score of 5-2. Third Creek A (Heminger), entering the tournament as the 6th seed, showcased their determination and potential in reaching the championship match.

East B (Ramseur)

Troutman A (Clendenin)

Union Grove (Williams)

Third Creek A (Heminger)

The 2023 Fall U8, U10, and U12 Soccer Tournaments were a true celebration of youth soccer excellence, determination, and resilience. These young athletes demonstrated their passion for the sport.

The Statesville Recreation & Parks Department congratulates all the teams, players, coaches, and families for their outstanding contributions to this memorable event. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of these talented individuals as they pursue their soccer dreams. Thank you for making this tournament an unforgettable experience!

Learn more about Youth Leagues at the Statesville Recreation & Parks Department here: recreation.statesvillenc.net/youth-leagues

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