Nurturing Wellness and Community: The Stars of Statesville Fitness & Activity Center

Welcome to the Statesville Fitness & Activity Center, where our staff is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the citizens and visitors of Statesville.

At the Statesville Fitness & Activity Center, it's about more than just exercise; it's about coming together to enhance physical and mental well-being, forge meaningful connections, and experience a true sense of belonging. The passionate team propels this mission to reality. Together, we craft an environment where individuals and families flourish, setting the standard for a vibrant and healthy community.

From a fully-equipped fitness center to an indoor climbing wall, we offer an array of leisure activities suitable for all ages. It's a place where everyone can discover their path to a healthier, more connected life.

Meet H Patton, Facility Supervisor

With 5 years of service in the field of recreation, H Patton leads the charge at our center.

The most rewarding part of his job? 'Seeing individuals of all ages having a wonderful time engaging in sports, exercising, or simply socializing.', said Patton.

H's passion for recreation and community shines through day to day.  The commitment from our team to create an inclusive and enjoyable environment is what sets our center apart.

Emily Diehl, Assistant Facility Supervisor

Emily Diehl, with 10 years of experience in program development and management, plays a vital role in overseeing our children's programs. Her aim is to make a positive impact on our community by creating and managing programs that enrich the lives of our citizens.

Working at the Fitness and Activity Center allows Emily to do what she loves most – 'making a meaningful difference in the lives of the people in our community.'

Lucas Setzer, Assistant Facility Supervisor

Lucas Setzer, who has been with us for 6 years, understands the importance of building relationships. He 'enjoys the connections he has developed with both members and co-workers over the years working here'.

The Fitness & Activity Center has given him the opportunity to 'meet many great people and become a positive influence on the kids that come here through our various programs'.

Mark Wilkinson, Fitness Coordinator

Meet Mark Wilkinson, Fitness Coordinator, who has been a vital part of the City of Statesville for an impressive 15 years.

Mark's passion lies in ensuring that every member at the Fitness & Activity Center has a fulfilling workout experience. But his role is more than just exercise; it's about fostering lasting friendships.

With a decade and a half of dedication to Statesville's well-being, Mark is an asset to our team and the members who benefit from his guidance.

We invite you to come and experience the warmth and passion of our team for yourself. Whether you're looking to get fit, make new friends, or contribute to the betterment of the community, the Statesville Fitness & Activity Center is here for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Learn more about the Statesville Fitness & Activity Center here.

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