Getting Into the Holiday Spirit!

I started working at the Statesville Civic Center over 12 years ago serving as the Marketing & Event Coordinator. My very first year, our Director asked if I would like to work the symphony helping out greeting people and then once everyone was settled I would be able to listen to the music. I am ashamed to say, at the time, I thought BORING! Stuffy symphony music? My tastes run more towards Jimmy Buffett and the Grateful Dead. Well, I am so glad that I worked the event anyway.  Now it is the one event that I won't miss.

The Greensboro Symphony Orchestra always entertain both young and old playing songs from all genres of holiday music. They may play "No Place Like Home" and then go right into the "Theme from Frozen". My favorites are the upbeat ones like "Sleigh Ride" but the older standards that remind me of people long gone and holidays spent with them make me feel that I am with them again if just for the length of a song.

After I lost my parents and my kids started getting older, I had a really hard time finding my holiday spirit. I wanted to have it but everything just seemed like such a labor and it was more sad than joyful. The Holiday POPS concert pulls me out of the sad and into the joy. I love being in a beautiful place, surrounded by my community, watching them fill with joy as the music gently leads us all into the spirit of the season. 

That is my favorite part. Although the music is beautiful and the talent is amazing there is so much more to why I love it. There is a vibe and an energy that feels like pure warmth. A community welcoming the season together, in harmony, and isn't that something we all need? 

There is still time to get your ticket. They are $25 and available at the Civic Center. The concert is December 7th. A special thank you to the City of Statesville and Opus Financial for sponsoring this concert.
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