Fourth Creek Cemetary

Fourth Creek Cemetary

Located on West End Avenue this cemetery is closed to burials. Established 1758, the City of Statesville accepted responsibility for the cemetery in 1933 consisting of 1.636 acres. This bit of Iredell County's history was one of the original boundaries when Fergus Sloan set the land aside for the town of Statesville to be established in 1789. Within the rock wall that was constructed between 1790 and 1800 visitors will be surrounded by the aura and serenity of the past. The variety of trees and other plant life act as sentries to guard the graves of persons who lived during the time period previous to the American Revolution and to those who were part of the South's post Civil War history. Many efforts have been made to preserve this very important part of our local heritage. The Constitutional Fourth Creek Restoration committee has been part of a cooperative effort with the City to provide renovations to the cemetery including landscaping and restoration of tombstones dating back to 1759. Through these and other cooperative efforts we hope to maintain this facility as a historic reminder of the past for many generations to come.

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