Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

ADA Public Notice

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) became effective July 26, 1990. This significant legislation extends civil rights to an estimated 40 million Americans with disabilities in much the same way that individuals are protected from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age sex, gender and religion. The ADA makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of disability in the areas of employment, public service, public accommodations, transportation and telecommunication.

It is the goal of the City of Statesville to comply with the provisions of ADA by ensuring all programs, services and activities of the City include an equal opportunity for participation of individuals with disabilities. Disability is defined with respect to an individual, as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities. The City of Statesville designates an ADA Coordinator to assist internal departments with ADA compliance efforts and to provide a point of contact for citizens and other concerned persons who may encounter an accessibility issue with City employment, programs and/or activities.

The City of Statesville ADA Coordinator is:

George Campbell, Risk & Safety Manager City of Statesville

301 South Center Street

P. O. Box 1111

Statesville, NC 28687

Telephone: 704 832 3884

Fax Number: 704 761-6893

Email: [email protected]

Individuals who believe they have been denied access to City programs, activities or employment may file a grievance relative to that issue. The City’s grievance procedure and form can be found by clicking the appropriate link on this page.

ADA Employment Statement

It is the policy and practice of the City of Statesville to completely comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and ensure equal opportunity in employment for all qualified persons with disabilities. The City of Statesville is committed to ensuring non-discrimination in all terms, conditions, privileges of employment. All employment practices and activities, whether provided or conducted by the City of Statesville or another entity on our behalf, will be conducted on a non-discriminatory basis.

Recruiting, advertising and job application procedures have been reviewed. Upon, request, assistance in completing applications will be provided. Pre-employment inquires are made only regarding an applicant’s ability to perform the duties of the position, not any disabling condition.

Pre-employment physical examinations are required only for those positions in which there is bona fide job-related physical requirement and are given to all persons entering the position only after conditional job offers. Medical records will be kept separate and confidential.

Reasonable accommodation is available to all employees and applicants. Work sites will be accessible. All employment decisions are based on the merits of the situation in accordance with defined criteria.

Qualified individuals with disabilities are entitled to equal pay and other forms of compensation (or changes in compensation) as well as in job assignments, classifications, organizational structures, position descriptions and lines of progression. Leave of all types will be available to all employees on an equal basis.

All fringe benefits, whether provided or administered directly by the City of Statesville, must be accessible to persons with disabilities. Training, conferences, professional meetings, financial support and leave for them will be available to all employees. Social activities sponsored by the City of Statesville will be accessible to all employees.

The City of Statesville is also committed to not discriminating against any qualified employee or applicants because he or she is related to or associated with a person with a disability. The City of Statesville will follow any state or local law that provides individuals with disabilities greater protection than the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The City of Statesville is committed to taking all other actions necessary to ensure equal employment opportunity for persons with disabilities in accordance with the ADA and other applicable federal, state and local laws.

If you have any questions about the Americans Disabilities Act, ADA Grievance Procedure, or the ADA Transition Plan, please contact us.

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