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The Statesville Fire Department is taking an innovative step towards improving the skills of its firefighters by launching a Rookie School Program. The program is aimed at providing new recruits with extensive training and hands-on experience, to ensure that they are well-equipped to handle the challenges of the job.

The Rookie School will include classroom instruction as well as practical exercises, designed to simulate real-life firefighting scenarios. The training will be intense, covering a wide range of topics including fire behavior, rescue techniques, hazardous materials, and emergency medical response.

The department has also invited seasoned firefighters and specialists from other agencies to provide additional expertise and training during the program. This will allow the new recruits to learn from experienced professionals and gain a broader perspective on the industry.

The Statesville Fire Department's commitment to providing quality training is commendable. Firefighting is a dangerous and challenging profession and ensuring that firefighters are well-prepared for any situation is crucial. By offering this extensive training program, the department is taking a proactive approach towards developing the skills and knowledge of its firefighters.

The program is also an excellent opportunity for the new recruits to establish themselves within the department and to build camaraderie with their fellow firefighters. By working closely with one another during the program, they will develop a strong bond that will serve them well throughout their careers.

From time to time the Statesville Fire Department has employment openings, please check the Human Resources page for current openings. If there are openings for the Fire Department, you will need to complete the City of Statesville Employment Application online via the City of Statesville Human Resources web page.

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If you are interested in taking North Carolina State Certifications for Firefighter, Mitchell Community College has a firefighter program. For more information click here.

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From time to time the Statesville Fire Department has employment openings, please check the Human Resources page for current openings.

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