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The City of Statesville is partnering with Iredell County in offering the public a new online permitting system that will simplify development services countywide. The program, “Citizen Self-Service” (CSS), is accessible from any computer or device and allows the public to upload site plans and construction documents, complete and submit necessary permit applications, manage inspection requests and make payments all online without having to come to an office.

Zoning permits must be submitted on Energov, the County's Citizen Self Service portal.

Citizen Self Service Portal

Frequently Asked Questions:

What information is needed to submit an application for a single family dwelling?

Completed Zoning Clearance Application (under comments, please add how many stories that structure will be, also the total height). Site plan showing lot lines, placement of structure, building setback lines, two parking spaces (9'X18') required for each dwelling, zoning district, lot, phase, subdivisions, elevations if required zoning district.

What is the procedure for obtaining building permits and zoning clearances?

The City of Statesville must issue a zoning clearance for any project requiring a building permit, septic approval or sign clearance.

What inspections are required by the City of Statesville?

Whenever a commercial establishment needs a CO inspection from the county building inspections department, there must first be a Zoning Final Inspection for parking lot, landscaping and signage requirements. ABC permits must first have a site visit for compliance with signage, junk vehicles, trash & debris and parking. Zoning certification letters must have site visits for the same purpose.

What kind of permits will be needed for a sign?

Most signs with the exception of a few will need a zoning clearance along with a building permit issued by Iredell County Building Standards.

Development in Non-Residential areas submitting process:

Any development within a B-3 or B-4 zoning district or over 1,000 sq. ft. must go before the Technical Review Committee for approval. All development shall meet section 30.10.1 design standards Areas within the CB and CBP zoning districts must adhere to the Design Review Committee.

A sandwich board is a type of advertisement tool using two boards with a message or graphic on it and being either carried by a person, with one board in front and one behind in a triangle shape, hinged along the top, creating a "sandwich" effect.

Sandwich Board Sign Permit Application

Utilities require clearance around their infrastructure to maintain the equipment and provide safe and reliable service to your home, business or development. Use this form for zoning approval for utility connection.

Utility Clearance Application

Please contact Joseph Campbell if you have any questions about the City’s zoning/permitting process.

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