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The Street Division is responsible for maintaining a safe and dependable street system, allowing citizens and visitors alike to travel safely and efficiently. The Street Division coordinates maintenance for all City owned streets, sidewalks, and related infrastructure.

There are approximately 462 miles of streets within the City of Statesville that the Street Division maintains. The Street Maintenance division provides repair services for sidewalks, curb and gutter, shoulders, pavement and so much more.

The City maintains the majority of streets; however, most of the major thoroughfares are State roads or highways, and are maintained by the N.C. Department of Transportation. There are also some subdivisions where the streets are privately maintained. To view a map that indicates which streets are City-maintained and which are not, click here. The Stormwater Division is responsible for the storm drainage in the City-accepted streets and Rights-of-Way (ROW).

Street Maintenance

Over time, all streets require some type of corrective maintenance. Techniques such as asphalt patching, surface treatments, and asphalt overlays are used to repair pavement and maintain an acceptable pavement condition. These activities are generally used to correct defects and tend to be more expensive than preventive maintenance alternatives.

If the problem occurs after the regular business hours of 7:30am to 3:30pm, then call the Statesville Police Department at 704-878-3406. Please provide detailed, accurate information of the location of the problem to help us respond quickly.

The City of Statesville’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy has been developed to guide City staff and inform residents about the process and procedures for implementing traffic calming on residential streets as they relate to quality of life. Under this policy, the City Engineering Department will work with residents to identify traffic problems in their neighborhoods and seek appropriate solutions.

First, the policy outlines how citizens can request traffic calming devices for their neighborhood. Second, the policy describes in detail how the City will evaluate the need for traffic calming device(s). Finally, procedures are outlined to develop and implement a plan for the selection and installation of traffic calming projects. Successful Implementation of this policy requires a combination of several parallel strategies, “the Five E’s”: Education –Neighborhoods receive the necessary information and tools to be active participants in addressing their traffic concerns.

  • Engineering – Traffic calming strategies and measures are developed to address community – identified traffic issues.
  • Evaluation – The selected traffic calming measure(s) is evaluated for effectiveness.
  • Economics- Support implementation of the least restrictive and least expensive traffic calming methods. Enforcement – Police enforcement supports the traffic calming plan developed by residents, town staff, and public officials.
Report Street or Stop Sign Issue

If a STOP SIGN has been stolen or knocked down, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

A missing or damaged stop sign creates a very dangerous situation for motorists.

To report other road maintenance concerns, such as potholes, highway debris, and other issues, use the contact form below. We ask that you include your phone number and email so that we may follow up with your request. Please make sure to include the location and nature of the issue.

For immediate problems call 704-832-3828 for the Street Department or 704-878-3406 for the Police Department.

Please note that streets signs are NCDOT's responsibility. To contact them about an issue, click NCDOT below.

Please note that streets signs are NCDOT's responsibility. To contact them about an issue, click NCDOT below.


A missing, damaged or downed Stop sign can be a life‐or‐death emergency. Report a missing street or stop sign to the NCDOT.

Report A Missing Street or Stop Sign

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