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The Mission of the Statesville Water Treatment Plant is to supply, treat, and deliver the highest quality of water at the most economical rate possible to the customer of the system.

The two Wastewater Treatment Plants treat and dispose of sewage and residuals generated by the users in the most cost-efficient manner that imposes no adverse impact on the environment.
Statesville provides continuous, twenty-four hour per day, water and sewer service. There is always a certified operator on duty at each plant as required by the state. This ensures that the city's water supply and the water returned to nearby streams are of the best quality possible. Operators are certified through the N.C. Division of Environmental Management.
Statesville actively promotes beneficial reuse of water and wastewater treatment byproducts. Water and wastewater processes produce bio-solids as a byproduct of treatment. Statesville dewaters the bio-solids and blends it with lime and a drying agent to produce an alkaline stabilized product, called Sta-Lime. Sta-Lime is available as a liming agent to be picked up by the public free of charge.