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Review details regarding rebates on a High Efficiency Electric Heat Pump, Electric Water Heater, or LED Lighting.

High Efficiency Electric Heat Pump

City of Statesville Electric residential customers are eligible for up to a $500 rebate, when a high efficiency, solely electric heat pump is installed. The new unit must have a minimum efficiency rating of 15.2 SEER to qualify for this rebate program. A rebate request form is required, as well as an AHRI certificate.

Rebate amounts are as follows:

Existing HomeNew Construction
15.2 -17.1 SEER2$300.00$400.00
17.2+ SEER2$400.00$400.00
Geothermal Heat Pump$500.00$500.00
Water Heater$150.00$150.00

What is SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and why does it matter with heat pumps?

Upgrading your home with energy-efficient systems like heat pumps saves you money on electricity bills while minimizing carbon emissions. And, incentive and rebate programs make the decision to tap into the financial and environmental benefits of heat pumps even simpler.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rates the efficiency of a cooling system. SEER ratings help us to understand the amount of energy (and money) a specific system requires to cool a space effectively and also comfortably. The higher the SEER ratio, the less electricity the system needs to keep a home at its desired temperature.

Products with the ENERGY STAR label are certified to have met strict energy efficiency guidelines, which include having a higher SEER rating.

Electric Water Heater

City of Statesville Electric residential customers are also eligible for a $150 rebate, when a new, solely electric water heater is installed. The unit must be an tanked water heater that holds a minimum of thirty (30) gallons. Tankless water heaters are not applicable.

If you are seeking a rebate for a new heat pump or water heater, click on the link below for our rebate form:
LED Lighting

Our Commercial and Industrial customers can apply for a LED Lighting Rebate offered through ElectriCities.

For more information on rebates call 704.761.2371.