Jap Johnson

Statesville City Council, Ward Two

Jap Johnson stands as a seasoned and dedicated public servant, bringing an impressive 34 years of continuous service to the Statesville City Council.

Beginning his 35th year (2024), Jap has been a steadfast representative for Ward Two since 1989, with a remarkable record of never missing a council meeting—except for one memorable incident involving a table saw mishap.

A testament to the trust placed in him by the citizens of Statesville, Jap has been elected an impressive nine times. His enduring commitment to public service is highlighted by his unwavering advocacy for City employees.

Jap proudly fought to ensure that every City employee receives a minimum of $15 per hour, reflecting his dedication to fair and just compensation. One of Jap's notable achievements lies in his foresight regarding the Statesville Regional Airport. While some initially viewed it as a luxury for the affluent, Jap recognized its potential as a significant asset for the city. His efforts were instrumental in attracting major businesses to the area, thereby contributing to the city's tax base and overall economic growth.

Beyond policy and development, Jap takes immense pride in being a reliable resource for the citizens of Statesville. Residents from all corners of the city regularly seek his assistance with various issues, appreciating his approachability and commitment to addressing their concerns.

Looking forward, Jap Johnson is fueled by the gratitude he receives for standing up for the people and representing their interests. His goal is to continue being a voice for all citizens, striving to make Statesville an even greater city. As he enters this new phase of his public service journey, Jap remains eager to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of Statesville, embodying the spirit of dedication and service that defines his impressive tenure on the City Council.