Kimberly Wasson

Statesville City Council, At Large

Kimberly Wasson, serving as the At-Large Council Member, has made a significant impact on the Statesville City Council since joining in August 2022. Kimberly has become a driving force for positive change, fostering collaboration and building strong relationships that extend beyond city limits.

Kimberly takes immense pride in the transformation of communication and collaboration that has occurred during her tenure. She has worked tirelessly to establish robust connections with neighboring communities, including Troutman and Mooresville. Additionally, she has forged crucial partnerships with key institutions like the Iredell-Statesville School system, Mitchell Community College, and the Statesville Housing Authority. Through these alliances, Kimberly has been instrumental in reducing crime rates and spearheading critical infrastructure development in the county. Notably, her efforts have resulted in securing over $59 million in funding from Senator Vickie Sawyer and House Representative Jeff McNeely, a testament to the power of effective collaboration and communication. A firm believer in the power of partnerships, Kimberly emphasizes that strong relationships are the foundation for progress.

As an advocate for the citizens of Statesville, she remains committed to hearing the voices of the community and working diligently to address their needs.

Looking ahead, Kimberly Wasson has set her sights on tackling housing issues within the city. Recognizing housing as a fundamental city function, she is dedicated to ensuring that every resident has access to safe and affordable housing. With dynamic growth unfolding in Statesville, Kimberly is determined to balance progress by taking care of the existing Statesville family while welcoming new residents.

Excitement about the future permeates Kimberly's vision for Statesville, and she is poised to continue her impactful work on the council, fostering collaboration, addressing housing concerns, and contributing to the overall prosperity of the city.