Thank you for choosing Statesville, NC as home for your business.

Businesses play a crucial role in the prosperity of the City of Statesville. Not only do they offer employment opportunities to local residents, but they also contribute to the economic stability and vitality of the entire region. By collaborating with non-profit organizations and schools in the area, businesses fulfill various community needs that might otherwise remain unaddressed.

The strategic placement of businesses near the town's numerous neighborhoods supports the concept of "smart growth." This approach ensures that more people have the opportunity to work in close proximity to their homes, reducing the strain on public infrastructure and improving the overall quality of life for individuals who prefer to avoid long commutes.

Businesses in the City of Statesville contribute to its aesthetic appeal and charm by maintaining attractive storefronts. This commitment to visual appeal enhances our city's character and beauty, making it an even more attractive place to reside and work.

Businesses make significant contributions to creating an appealing living and working environment in the City of Statesville. Through employment opportunities, economic stability, support for community organizations, smart growth initiatives, and aesthetic enhancements, businesses play a vital role in making the town an attractive place to call home. WELCOME!

The City of Statesville provides information on how to 'Become a Vendor', review details on current or upcoming 'Request for Proposal', and how to purchasing 'Surplus Property' from the City.

Doing Business WITH The City

The City of Statesville provides information local businesses may need for day to day operations such as sign or zoning permit, construction plan approval requests, and more.

Doing Business IN The City

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