Report A Power Outage

City of Statesville Electric Customers should report an outage by calling: 704-878-3479

Please remember to give your address and indicate that you would like to be notified when power is restored.

Energy United or Duke Energy customers should contact their providers directly if they experience outages.

Do not call 911 to report a power outage. 

Power Outage Updates: Updates can be found on the City of Statesville Facebook Page. If it is a major outage, updates will also be posted on the City’s website and provided to the local media.

Power Outages Due to System Maintenance or System Upgrades: These are made to Statesville’s electric system on a continual basis. This work helps to increase the reliability of Statesville’s electrical service. Sometimes, these important projects require power to be cut off in limited areas for brief periods of time; occasionally areas are without power for 4-6 hours (although in some cases the outages may be longer).

Power Outages Due to Storms and Major System Breakdowns:  Strong winds, ice, and hard rains can be the cause for downed power lines and creating extremely dangerous situations – especially if they are energized. If you have to be outside, please do not get around any lines that are down or hanging low. Report these issues to 704-878-3479 if you’re on the City’s Electric System. You can also report downed power lines to 911.

The Statesville Electric Utilities Department is aware that these power disruptions can be problematic for people working from home or taking virtual classes, and attempts to notify customers impacted by the outages in person or by leaving a notice on the door. When possible, two days’ notice is given, but often, due to the nature of the work, properties in the affected area may be notified just prior to the outage.

If your power goes out and you have not been notified of a scheduled outage, please report the outage to 704-878-3479. Sometimes outages occur due to poles being struck by a vehicle or a tripped circuit caused by a tree or animal.

If you use medical equipment requiring electricity in your home, talk to your doctor or health care provider about how you can prepare for its use during a power outage. Other recommendations can be found at

On occasion, equipment failure on a part of the electrical distribution system will cause an outage. Sometimes these outages are caused by animals getting into the system or when a vehicle wrecks into a pole and brings down a line.

The Electric Utilities staff is committed to preventing outages by operating a comprehensive system maintenance program, managing a robust tree trimming schedule and keeping pace with important technological advances.

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